The Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) provides contributors a replacement of earnings in retirement and in cases of death or disability. It applies to almost all individuals who work in Canada outside Quebec.

The CPP provides a monthly benefit to eligible applicants. You must apply for CPP, it does not start automatically. The CPP is based on how much you have contributed and how long you have been making contributions to the CPP at the time you become eligible.


The old age security (OAS) program is one of the cornerstones of Canada’s public retirement income system. The objective of the OAS program is to provide a base upon which individuals can complement other income from other sources, such as the Canada Pension or Quebec Pension Plan, employer-sponsored pension plans and personal registered retirement savings plan, as well as investments and personal savings, to address their financial circumstances.

Payment amounts for the Old Age Security benefits are based on your marital status and level of income. They are not considered taxable income.


Who is Retirement Plan Canada?
Retirement Plan Canada is an educational resource for those nearing retirement. Retirement Plan Canada provides educational seminars open to the public across Canada.
How much does the seminar cost?
There is no charge to attend our educational seminar.
Is Retirement Plan Canada affiliated with any government agency?
No, we are not affiliated with any government entities.
Who are the presenters at the seminars?/
The majority of our presenters are local professionals who come from a financial background (CPAs, financial advisors, attorneys and other knowledgeable professionals). CPP & OAS play an important role in your retirement income plan, along with your overall financial strategy. With OAS & CPP playing a major part in your retirement income, it only makes sense to learn from someone coming from a financial background.
What does the presenter get out of this?
Our seminars are focused around community education. While the presenter is given a chance to educate their community, often they find there are locals who are nearing retirement who may need help with their retirement planning in one way or another. If you are interested in working directly with the professional, they may charge a fee or commission. Your attendance to any of our seminars in no way obligates you to engage the presenter in any service. This allows the presenter to potentially grow their practice, all while educating the community.
Is there a "sales" pitch?
No, our seminars are strictly educational. One of the most frequent comments we hear from past seminar attendees is how nice it is to go to a class and receive valuable information without being ‘sold’ something. While the presenter may hand out their business cards or brochures for services they offer, there is no obligation to engage with any Retirement Planning speaker regarding their services during or after the seminar.
What will I learn at this seminar?
At our seminars, we will discuss:
  • What government pensions are you eligible for?
  • How much will you receive and when?
  • How registered, non-registered, and TFSA income affects government benefits
  • Basics of the Income Tax Act and tax levels
  • Preparing for retirement to maximize benefit income